Christmas costs first-time buyers 1,000

As if first-time buyers didnt have enough to worry about, a study from the Co-operation Bank has revealed decorating their homes for Christmas could cost new home owners as much as 1,000.

While longer-term home owners will have built up their collection of Christmas decorations year on year, first-time buyers spending Christmas in their new homes will be starting from scratch.

The cost of buying seasonal garlands has not been helped by the recent craze of dressing outside the house, as well as inside, putting pressure on people to keep up with the neighbours.

Trends to look out for this year include black Christmas trees, Santa with a snow scene belly, and poor old Rudolph has been substituted for an illuminated Santa in a helicopter.

However, the Bank can provide some festive cheer for those first-time buyers wanting to keep costs down, as the study also shows the cost of decking out your home, both inside and outside, can be reduced significantly by shopping around, or by making your own unique designs by hand.

David Newman, director of marketing management at The Co-operative Bank, says: “Im sure finding the money to buy decorations, on top of the cost of Christmas, when you have recently bought a house is an expense first-time buyers could do without.

“But its worth people bearing in mind that good decorations can also last for many Christmass to come, so they should opt for durability where possible. For new home owners on a tight budget, our study certainly shows that a great deal of money can be saved if you shop around.”