Callcredit updates database with latest electoral role information

Callcredit has already started updating its databases with 2005 electoral roll information and expects to have completed the process by the end of January.

Initial estimates indicate about a third of UK councils appear to be embracing the standard format for submissions known as Election Markup Language introduced earlier this year by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister’s Co-ordinated On-line Register of Electors Project.

Mark Davison, technology development director at Callcredit, says: The electoral roll is the cornerstone of identity verification and an essential element of the credit granting process. Around 13% of the information on the electoral roll changes each year so it is important for CRAs to update their databases as quickly as possible.

At Callcredit, we handle submissions from the UKs 400 plus councils electronically and use sophisticated data matching techniques to ensure errors and omissions can be easily identified and rectified.

“We’ve already started receiving and processing 2005 submissions. The EML format is a significant step forward and, once all councils supply data this way, it will make the loading process much simpler and quicker, as well as increasing data accuracy.”