C2 calls for FSA to probe AR restrictions

C2-financial is calling on the Financial Services Authority to look into why some networks restrict their appointed representatives to the packagers on their panels.

The mortgage packager and branded lender has raised questions over the ability of the ARs of many networks to treat their customers fairly when they are forced to deal with only a limited number of packagers or, in some cases, to use a single appointed packager.

Following his attendance at the Expo event in London, David Wylie, managing director at c2, says despite having the opportunity to discuss his company’s product offering with dozens of intermediaries and ARs of several major networks, he found many were unable to use them.

He says: “I was extremely concerned to learn that despite the availability of products, many networks with whom we do not have a panel arrangement are forcing their ARs to use those packagers appointed to their network panels, thus prohibiting them gaining access to the c2 range.”

Wylie says he has called on the FSA to look closely into the policies of networks with restrictive packaging panels.

Robyn Gordon-Walker, spokesman for the FSA, says it is not up to the regulator to determine which packagers are on a network’s panel, and that it is up to the AR to decide which network is best for them and offers them the best service.

The FSA will be publishing the results of its research into the relationship between networks and their ARs next month. Gordon-Walker says this has produced some interesting insights into how principals check their ARs are offering suitable advice.