The Mortgage Mole

HE JUST CAN’T HELP BELIEVIN’ PR guru John Wriglesworth made the news last week with his assertion that sub-prime and 100% LTV loans must return for the market to recover.

Speaking at the Mortgage Business Expo in Manchester, the former Hometrack economist said these two elements were a crucial part of a healthy market.

It’s not a view Mole hears much among regulatory types these days but the Wrigler has previous on housing claims.

In 2003 he said there was more chance of finding Elvis on the moon than of a house price crash and in 2004 he stated that talk of a crash had about as much foundation as a brick on a pavlova.

And while things are grim, a housing crash still has yet to materialise, so clearly the Wrigler’s pronouncements are not to be sniffed at.

Mole is ready to hop into his spaceship and listen out for Heartbreak Hotel.

THE FULL MONTY Last week, London brokerage Coreco Group uploaded its first podcast on to its website, which, with a nod to The Clash, it has named London Calling.

But with it using Mortgage Strategy columnist Andrew ’Monty’ Montlake to host the podcast, Mole fears the company has given birth to the industry’s own version of Little Britain character Dennis Waterman.

The Little Britain sketch was apparently inspired by the fact that the real-life Waterman is believed to have written the theme tunes for at least four of the shows he starred in.

Unfortunately it seems Monty, who in his youth composed 10 CDs’ worth of love songs, is taking a similar approach.
“Everything went smoothly in our inaugural podcast,” he told Mole. “The theme tune is my original composition, though – write the theme tune, sing the theme tune…” Uh oh.