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Two cases have forced me to steer clear of Northern Rock

From Gareth Davies

I can only endorse the comments made by John Stewart (Mortgage Strategy June 14) about the service at Northern Rock. I have had two cases with it, one since April 20 and the other since April 29, and everything possible than could go wrong has done so – wrong amounts agreed; valuers not instructed; employers references not taken up until offer stage; and wrong offer letters issued.

Meanwhile, one case was completely &#39lost in the system&#39 and took almost four weeks to instruct the valuer. The situation with the other case, although previously underwritten and wanting only a change of property details, was the same. I chased Northern Rock regularly and although I was told that my calls chasing the valuation had been logged, still nothing was done.

In both cases the time taken to offer letters has been totally unacceptable, and the offer letters were wrong and had to be re-issued. This meant joining the back of the queue and yet more delay. One case has now had two incorrect offer letters. We were ready to offer nearly four weeks ago but have still not had the correct offer letter.

Any request for the simplest amendment seems to take at least 48 hours to be looked at and then another 48 hours before anything is done.

However, the biggest issue is that nobody in the call centre seems to take ownership of the problem. There is a total lack of communication from the mortgage centre and requests for return calls fall on deaf ears.

We grow our business by referrals and renewal business but our reputation is being tarnished by the perception that we are not providing our clients with good service and our professional competence is being questioned by local solicitors and estate agents.

The time that I and my office manager have spent on these cases has been unacceptable and certainly not cost-effective. But more to the point, our clients may yet still lose their properties because of delays – plus there will then be loss of income for me.

Until I am satisfied that Northern Rock can provide a reasonable level of service I shall be giving it a miss.

Gareth Davies

GC Mortgage Services



By email


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Japan Economic Insight

James Dowey, Chief Economist, and Paul Caruana-Galizia, Economist

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