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A return visit this week to London and in particular to the area in and around the City. The three websites I&#39ve visited – Square Mile Mortgage Finance, Shrink-Your-Mortgage and Mortgage Beaters – all have a different approach to the internet and make me wonder about the quality of advice that brokers are getting about how internet search engines work. Generally speaking, they don&#39t like Flash technology and frames, so Square Mile and Mortgage Beaters must struggle for search engine positions. Square Mile isn&#39t helping itself by having so little content either. Still, the sites are all pleasing to look at.

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Square Mile Mortgage Finance

At first glance this is a simple website, and if you want to have an internet presence, this style is as good as any. But don&#39t expect to drive much lead traffic off the web. An introductory page before the homepage that uses Flash to rotate photos (of SMMF staff), and a dearth of content on each page link, does not give the search engines much to latch on to. And the absence of a calculator (how mortgage-buying web users like calculators), not to mention leaving the contact details to the end, don&#39t support visitors when they do arrive. Good to see testimonials on most pages (not on the buy-to-let page, for some reason) but these are non-attributed, which always leaves a suspicion they might have been made up.


Now this is a different animal altogether. Owned and operated by Mortgage Design & Placement, it&#39s a “specialist remortgage website”, although it covers other mortgages, loans and life insurance plus a link to an online conveyancing service. Following the remortgage route, you&#39re drawn into a calculator to see how much you can save. To get the full details of the top buys suggested, you have to give your contact details, locking you into their service. There are calculators for checking how much you can borrow and for loans too. A contact telephone number is on every page and while I don&#39t like menu bars at both the top and bottom of the page, navigation generally works well. A pity that the glossary is so well hidden, though.

Mortgage Beaters Ltd

The introduction to the company on the &#39about us&#39 page says it is “confident that our expertise and dedication to customer service cannot be beaten” – weak compared with the promise inherent in the firm&#39s name. Fortunately, most of the site is supplied through Network Data&#39s white label service – calculators, wizards and plenty of information. On the downside, using frames seems a good way of keeping your telephone number on screen but search engines don&#39t like it – pity, as it&#39s easy to have the number always visible when the banner has scrolled out of sight. And when you click through from the main headings on the homepage, sometimes you get a pop-up screen and other times the whole page changes, which is inconsistent and irritating.


Why Charles Gooding had to step down

“It has been an honour and a privilege to work with the AMI board since its formation,” Gooding said in a press release last week. “I decided to step down as chairman some time ago once I was confident we had achieved certain objectives and had created a credible and reputable trade body.” Yet months […]

Enable gets its MTA letter

The letter, shown here, arrived at Enable&#39s offices on Friday last week. It states: “We are minded to approve your application based on the information you have given us.” The letter means prospective appointed representatives joining the network can be confident they will be able to trade after Mortgage Day. Although not a cast iron […]

Network Data signs Paymentshield deal

This also means that members with existing Paymentshield policies will continue to receive their monthly commissions. Network Data says this follows significant increases in term commissions and a rise in the number of products and providers available through its insurance panel. The company will release a new version of its mortgageLink software in August which […]

Net lending up 39% at UCB Home Loans

UCB Home Loans yesterday released figures for the financial year to March 31 2004. The year-end figures reveal that net advances increased by 39% to a record £718m. Gross mortgage lending reached a record £1.9bn, up 19%, total mortgage assets were up 17% to £4.8bn and pre-tax profit, at £50.9m, remained similar to last year. […]

Japan Economic Insight

James Dowey, Chief Economist, and Paul Caruana-Galizia, Economist

The conventional wisdom is that following a roughly 50 per cent rise in the stock market in 2013 in Yen terms, the Japan trade is over and done*. So the story goes, those big gains were due to a one-off boost from quantitative easing (QE) and a depreciation of the Yen — policies that one should think of as a palliative to Japan’s economic weakness, but not a cure. Rather the cure, and by implication the necessary condition for a longer-term investment case, is deep structural reforms — a painstaking re-weaving of Japan’s economic and social fabric, no less. The story continues: this is a much tougher test than launching a blast of QE, and one that prime minister Shinzo Abe, although well intentioned and well supported by the public thus far, is likely to fail. Stick a fork in Japan, it’s done…continue reading


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