Beckham and Churchill are favourites for £5 note

David Beckham and Winston Churchill have been voted the two figures the public would like to see printed on their fivers, a study by Virgin Money reveals.

Over half of us think Beckham should be the new face of British money, with wartime leader Winston Churchill coming in second.

The &#39New Face of Money&#39 study also reveals that 63% of Britons say they would like to see their favourite faces on the pound rather than the euro.

Virgin Money spokesperson Erica Bell says: “You might think that we&#39d be sick of the sight of Beckham by now but it seems that for many the celebrity footballer and the wartime leader make the perfect British partnership.

“Young people in particular say our current figureheads are outdated and it appears we would rather see modern heroes than historical figures representing the country.”

Catherine Zeta Jones, Robbie Williams, Pierce Brosnan and Liz Hurley are the other celebrities we would most like to see on our money while Princess Diana, Shakespeare, Professor Stephen Hawking and John Lennon follow Churchill as the figureheads we&#39d opt for.

In addition, nine in 10 admit that even with their favourite faces in their wallets, parting with cash would not be any easier.