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Analysis: Conveyancing is in much better shape


A new year signals renewed optimism, within the property market as a whole but specifically in conveyancing.

The reason is simple. Conveyancers – at least, the larger-volume operators – are, on the whole, in much better shape than they were this time last year.

At the start of 2014, the upturn in the property market took many conveyancers by surprise. Many found themselves under-resourced to deal with an increase in cases and there was a reluctance to commit to significant increases in case this surge in transactions proved to be short-lived.

A year on and this is no longer the case. Those volume operators recognised the strengthening market activity and added resources to both maintain quality and service the larger volumes.

This should give greater confidence to brokers, when recommending conveyancers to their clients, about the service they will receive.

Volume operators now have available capacity and, through the use of technology distribution platforms, brokers should take a full part in the process by recommending conveyancers that do this day in, day out.

However, the problem of conveyancing ‘dabblers’ remains, with these firms conducting very few cases but ones that can lead to issues and delays in the process.

Brokers in this sector can ensure their clients avoid such firms and use a fully resourced conveyancer that can take them to completion as quickly and smoothly as possible.



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