Check your websites comply with ad rules


The Advertising Standards Authority had its powers extended last week to cover advertisements on websites.

This includes adverts on your own website, as well as those on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

All of us who have websites or advertise on them need to check that they comply with the rules of the ASA.

For the majority of us, it will not be a problem as we are used to complying with Financial Services Authority regulations on financial promotions but, nonetheless, you should do a review just in case.

Large fines continue to be issued for regulatory breaches and last week the first sanction was imposed against a bank in relation to irresponsible lending and arrears and repossession-related issues. I have no doubt we will see more fines of this nature in the near future.

Regulatory papers emanating from the European Union continue to multiply. I noticed that the Association of Mortgage Intermediaries was involved in last-minute deliberations about responsible lending.

I only hope we don’t get saddled with European regulation that has little relevance to the UK market.

All the mortgage market trade bodies have been doing a thorough job of ensuring that any regulation is well thought out and does not create unintended results.

On a different note, I wish Stephen Knight a speedy recovery from his illness and hope to see him back in the market in the not too distant future.