Valuers ought to stop bleating and do a full day’s work

From Andrew Brownlie
In the August 14 edition of Mortgage Strategy, I read an anonymous letter headlined ‘It’s time to ask if the FSA provides value for money’.

I recently had a client ask me the same question about his valuation from Northern Rock. NR had sent a guy round to my client. He knocked on the door and stated that he was there to survey the house. My client told him he was actually there to do a valuation, but let him in anyway.

He was in the house for six minutes. Allow one minute for a chat, that’s five minutes for the valuation – and 295 for the privilege. When you work it out per hour this totals a pleasing 3,540. Nice work if you can get it.

Bear in mind some of these people are now bleating about wanting compensation from the government for its U-turn on Home Condition Reports. If they feel they are out of pocket, why don’t they do a full day’s work like the rest of us? A steady eight hours should rack up 28,320. Why do they need compensation? Work for a living.

Andrew Brownlie
Mortgages and Loans Saving Centre
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