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The Mortgage Mole

Plane Ditzy
Mortgage Strategy reporter Nicolette was left in a flustered state after having her shoes stolen on the plane to Edinburgh for the MoneyQuest awards.

Self-confessed shoe addict Nicolette was distraught after finding that sticky-fingered airline staff had stolen her shoes, but even more panic-stricken when she realised she would have to be wearing her trainers with her evening dress.

However, never to be defeated, Nicolette hunted down a bargain shoe shop and managed to buy some shoes for 10, just 10 minutes before the start of the awards ceremony.

Nicolette thought her troubles had come to an end when she sat down at her table ready for the awards, but after chatting away to fellow dinner guests she realised that she had been sitting at the wrong table for the last five minutes.

And Mole thought it was just blondes that were ditzy.

Blushing Scot
Meanwhile Nicolette wasn’t the only one left blushing after she innocently asked Scotsman Neil Gibson, director at PR firm Big Partnership, if he was wearing anything under his kilt. But she didn’t manage to find out if he was in fact a true Scotsman.

The Undead
Mole was treated to a bit of satisfaction last week at the Rolling Stones Rough Justice tour. The kind folk at BM Solutions took Mortgage Strategy editor Robyn Hall along with news editor Robert Thickett for a night of head banging to the 1960s rockers.

However, by all reports it was more a case of night of the living dead, with aged rockers Mick Jagger and co showing signs of Zombiness.

The wrinkly trio apparently looked like something from a Stephen King novel when the stage lights turned black and white.

PR guru Richard Hurst was also spotted at the concert sporting an entirely new outfit. Mole later discovered that Hurst, who had come straight from work for the concert had made a stop off at Next to buy a new outfit for the occasion.

Pelvic Payne
Nigel Payne relived the dark days of disco last week at London stage show Mama Mia.

Although the night was originally conceived as a girls-only evening by marketers Jane Bates and Jo Gill, Payne apparently gate crashed after he heard that his favourite song, LayAll Your Love On Me, featured scenes of a sexual nature. He wasn’t disappointed.

Even Mortgage Strategy’s very own pseudo-feminist Rebecca agreed that the climax of the show was watching Lycra clad women belting out the hits of ABBA with hands on their hips, while the chorus did the hustle in the background.

Payne was apparently so impressed that he couldn’t resist joining in. One source tells Mole: “Nigel was foot-tapping the whole way through, and during the final song I definitely saw a few pelvic thrusts.”


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With the Conservatives pretty much having free reign to make political capital out of the housing market over the last couple of months, it was perhaps unsurprising that someone from the Labour Party finally struck back.

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Canadian property information firm MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates has signed three exclusive five-year contracts with HIP providers in England and Wales.


White paper — Dubai International Insights

Jelf Employee Benefits discusses the legislative changes in Dubai, available medical facilities and policy considerations for employers with expatriate workforces in the country. This edition will be of particular interest to global human resource directors, compensation and benefits specialists and mobility managers who have employee populations in Dubai, or are considering operating there in the near future.


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