Poll shows disaffection for Brown

Figures from a Guardian/ICM poll show that just 37% of Britons feel that chancellor Gordon Brown should take credit for the success of Britain’s economy since Labour came to power.

A whopping 83% of people also agree with the statement that since Labour came to power in 1997 the average person finds it harder to afford somewhere to live, while 77% say they have become more selfish about money.

The poll also shows a strong Conservative lead, with 40% saying if there was an election tomorrow they would vote Tory.

When surveyors were asked whether they thought Brown had created economic success only 37% agreed.

Ray Boulger, senior technical manager at John Charcol, says he is surprised it has taken this long for Brown to be rumbled.

He says: “With all the problems that Labour has had it is surprising that it’s taken this long for its popularity to sink so low. Brown has made some good decisions but people are starting to realise the negatives about him. He extracted 5bn a year from pension funds – someone would not be able to do this from a company’s pension fund.”

When asked to consider their ability to keep up with the cost of living, only 11% felt confident about their situation, with 48% fairly confident and 30% not very confident.