MS unearths legendary Montlake album

In a moment equal to when the lost John Lennon recordings were rediscovered, Mortgage Strategy has unearthed a copy of Cobalt Capital partner Andrew Montlake’s legendary lost album The Temple Sessions.

One of the 10 CDs that Montlake made in 2000 arrived at Mortgage Strategy’s offices last week.

The album is a series of romantic ballads detailing lost loves and more casual encounters.

Mortgage Strategy contacted music website to see what it thought of The Temple Sessions, with reviewer Zoe Hart judging him to be “a Neil Diamond of his day”.

Montlake says there are no plans for a career change and that he’s sticking with mortgages for now.

He says: “It was a long time ago when I was young and innocent with romantic tendencies. I was offered an exclusive contract with a label but the job at Cobalt came along at the same time and seemed a lot more glamorous.

“After seven long years in the mortgage market I’m afraid all the romance has been wrung out of me.”

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