Little Deed

Openwork, a 2,350-strong multi-tie network, was launched in June 2005 when the UK’s Olympic bid was still in doubt, the McCartneys were a happy couple and the finance industry was beginning to adjust to depolarisation. The exclusive multi-tie business was developed to meet the growing need for financial advice in the UK, offering clients and advisers choice, while still being a profitable business. Openwork is a limited liability partnership, with advisers and employees owning 75% of the business.

The Openwork name was chosen to reflect the changing landscape in financial services and the company’s mission to be ‘the network of advisers that clients trust’. The recent brand campaign featured the strap-line ‘More of what you are looking for’, which encapsulates Openwork’s recognition that the world of selling financial services is changing, and that advisers need help adjusting to it.

“The name Openwork was chosen as it represents the sort of business we were trying to create – a network of open communication, open architecture and one that works together,” says Stephen Leaman, chief executive of Openwork. “We felt Openwork conjured up what we were trying to achieve. The name represents our openness and transparency, something our advisers, partners and employees felt they could connect to. The world of financial services is constantly changing and we are open to that change.”