Let’s hope edeus lives up to the hype when it launches

From Crawfurd Hill
As a one-time managing director of a PR company, I must doff my cap to the PR brigade spending the edeus buck to get its brand in front of us partially receptive intermediaries.

In the history of launches in this sector surely no firm has managed to secure the column inches – nay metres – that Michael Bolton’s modest and retiring team has, especially in Mortgage Strategy.

Clearly, money spent on PR has hit its target. Three bylines in a recent issue from Alan Cleary, Mike Culhane and Sue Clarke, headline e-bulletins from MS extolling bonus 75 proc fees and breathless news items 10-a-penny as well as double page ad spreads in prime inside front pages. Sceptically I muse that a handsome advertising buck is being spent.

Yours in wide-eyed admiration tinged with a wistful wish that I had a PR team like edeus’ working their spinning skills on my clients in my previous role. Let’s hope edeus lives up to this mother of all PR blitzes.

Crawfurd Hill
Thinking Mortgages
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