John Charcol incorporates xit2 Valuation Exchange

John Charcol has incorporated the xit2 Valuation Exchange into its branch and online application process to provide an online system for its panel mangers, SecureMove Panel Management Services and Colleys.

This move will offer a new way to manage external valuations and allows further timesavings in the mortgage process.

The Valuation Exchange, developed by xit2, streamlines the valuation instruction process, potentially halving the time taken to instruct the valuation.

This time saving is maintained throughout the process and offers a tangible benefit to intermediaries, mitigating much of the pressure from clients on the speed of the mortgage offer, such as the valuation, which is often out of their control.

Walter Avrill, product director at John Charcol, says: By instructing valuations through xit2s Valuation Exchange we have a single, efficient system that speeds up the process.

This will deliver real benefits to both intermediaries and surveyors, particularly when it comes to security and an audit trail.

We selected xit2 technology because it provides robust and reliable technology for our customers and the fact that there is extensive functionality built around the process to assist panel management, comparable valuations, standard monitoring and many other service elements.

Paul Duckworth, managing director of Xit2, adds: John Charcol is renowned for high quality products, exceptional customer service and a focus on technology.

This passion for service means that they are constantly introducing efficiencies in the process for the benefit of customers.

Simply logging on to the Valuation Exchange via the Internet allows SPS to allocate valuations on behalf of John Charcol in a timely manner whilst returning significant cost savings.

One of the most sophisticated time savers is that if a valuation is not accepted by the surveyor within a specified timescale then it is automatically reassigned.

The progress of the valuations is shown on the system so that everyone is kept up-to-date and informed.