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Conspiracy theorists should look into Nationwide case

From Dave Rogers
I was shocked at a scandalous accusation recently levelled at Nationwide in Mortgage Strategy (August 21). So shocked that I fired up my laptop only to find that Nationwide was indeed still quoting the base rate as 4.5% via Homebuyer.

No, I don’t think JFK’s death was a conspiracy, nor do I believe the lunar landings were faked or even that Freddie Starr ate anyone’s hamster, but this is something for conspiracy theorists to get their teeth into.

Dave Rogers


Lenders that treat brokers unfairly risk losing out

From Lee Martin Like any other broker I do this job be-cause when it goes well it is satisfying, we get paid enough and the hours are flexible. But some lenders have a lot to learn about Treating Customers Fairly. I am the lender’s customer. I decide if a lender gets my client’s business and […]

Nationwide slashes rates

Nationwide has cut its rates on its range of fixed rate mortgages. The new rates will be available from tomorrow and include, two-year fixed rate (699 fee) with a rate at 4.88%, two-year fixed rate (399 fee) with a rate at 4.97%, three-year fixed rate (399 fee) with a rate at 5.18%.Also included is the […]

Will new lenders’ technology result in the death of building societies?

Roger Morris is managing director of em-financialThe mortgage industry should be aware of how new technology will change things. Building societies need the ability to recognise this development and leadership that understands the speed of change and can invest in technology to compete. But most are far too institutionalised and cocooned in their own worlds […]

Complaints over BBB reach 300

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme says it is aware of at least 300 complaints relating to mis- selling by Berkeley Berry Birch Network, which it declared in default last week, allowing consumers to claim compensation. Following the sale of assets from BBB Network – formerly known as Berkeley Independent Advisors – to Tenet Group in […]

Building long-term relationships

Call us old fashioned, but we want to get to know you personally. That’s why we give you a named case manager and underwriter to look after all your cases from start to finish. Your underwriter will happily give you their number, so you can ring them directly with any questions you have. And your […]


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