Cartel signs up Amcat

Mortgage intermediary Cartel Group Holdings has signed up Amcat to provide inbound, outbound and blended customer interaction system.

Ian McCormick, head of international communications and associate director at Cartel, says: Our mission since we formed in 1997 has been to offer customers long-term solutions that encourage them to stay with us.

We dont just look at interest rates, but we look at the bigger picture of how much they will pay over the whole lifetime of the mortgage.

The way in which we communicate with customers forms a big part of this philosophy.

We needed a communication platform that would allow our customers access to the best advice possible, allowing them to speak to consultants across the organisation, regardless of their location.

Amcat, a global leader in customer care and interaction technology, will provide its contact centre suite technology as a managed service, so that Cartel can share the systems capabilities across multiple sites, therefore saving on capital costs and human resources.

Not only can Cartel avoid the duplication of management staff at different sites, but it is also considering extending the system to home-based workers.

A key element of the new system is its integration with Cartels bespoke system called Connect designed by Expo IT.

The integration with the Amcat customer contact system extends the concept of customer care, so that Cartel representatives interacting with customers will be provided with crucial data to support each dialogue.

They will be better able to understand the link between customers at the same household and discuss other products of interest.

Cartel has already expanded into banking, loan, life and general insurance markets with plans to expand its product range even further to provide a one-stop shop for existing customers.

McCormick adds: The first stage of the project is to deliver an inbound, outbound and blended customer contact platform.

The system contains all the features we require including on-line scripting, call recording and powerful database capabilities, as standard.

Amcat technology also helps us to adhere to the latest compliance regulations in a highly automated manner.

The second phase is to link the Amcat system directly to our bespoke CRM solution.

Initially the Amcat solution will be in operation at Cartels contact centre in Salford Quays and will expand to other locations in the future.