Amber reports positive feedback to online DIP

Amber says its underwriters and sales team have received positive feedback from brokers following the launch of its online decision in principle on June 27

The system provides a binding decision to lend; either an automated yes/no decision within minutes or a decision based upon referral to an underwriter within one working hour.

Decisions are subject to valuation and adequate security.

The DIP system incorporates a credit search, helping brokers to identify appropriate products for their clients.

The product cascade facility highlights the possible solutions Amber can offer to suit specific client needs.

Mike Perry, associate director sales and marketing at Amber, says: At a time when some lenders are reportedly finding it difficult to provide a stable DIP system it is extremely pleasing to see the positive reaction of our intermediaries using the Amber DIP.

The DIP is giving the intermediary more comfort that the application is going to proceed to completion while the client is with them.

Amber values the intermediary market and is working hard to maintain the high standards required to help the professional advisor in placing a mortgage for their clients.

The first step for the intermediary is to pre-register for the DIP, which can be done via the Amber website.