We must stop moaning and put out a positive message

At the risk of alienating my peers, I have to say I\'m sick and tired of brokers moaning.

Lenders are being forced to make changes by circumstances beyond their control and the media is not helping by sending out negative messages.

The only ones left to influence public perception are brokers but most of the comments I read and hear from them are moans and whinges.

It is brokers’ responsibility to help resolve borrowers’ problems, not fuel the fire. It would be all too easy to talk the market down even further.

Despite the turbulence in the market, plenty of consumers still want mortgages and some 4,000 deals are still available from lenders that want to lend. In fact, product availability is not that different to what it was in the late 1990s and we all coped then.

If brokers, lenders and packagers all put out this message, it would show the public and the press we are not an in-dustry falling apart.

Andy Sewell

Managing director

OFM Group