Red Roar

Not too many Riises to be cheerful for Mole at Anfield last week as his beloved Liverpool dropped a shocking 95th minute clanger against a dismal Chelsea.

Mole made the visit with Scousers Robyn Hall, editor of Mortgage Strategy, and features editor Christine To-ner courtesy of Paul Allen, head of sales at Intelligent Finance.

Despite the result, one thing that brought a smile to Mole’s face was the resilience of Liverpool’s famous Kop crowd in the face of the liquidity crisis gripping the nation.

“Champion-ay, the one and only, we’re Liver-pool,” they chanted. “They say our days are numbered, we’re not famous any more. But Scousers rule the country like they’ve always done before.

“We’ve won the cup five times and we’ve told you it’s on loan, and despite the credit crunch we’re going to bring it home,” the chirpy Kop concluded.

“There’s confidence for you,” a deeply impressed Allen confided to Mole. “There’s nothing like a Liverpool crowd to lift the spirits.”