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Genesis warns brokers to get truth from networks

To help brokers separate financial fact from fiction, Genesis is providing a free revenue planning service which will be based on a brokers precise volume and mix of mortgage business.

John Lee, head of sales and marketing at Genesis says: “What matters with network charges is the net income brokers actually receive. That means not only looking at headline charges but also procuration fees payable, in order to understand the net amount which a broker will actually retain at the end of the day. Ironically, it‚s no different to analysing the true cost of a mortgage.

“Any broker who would like to see precisely how much net income they will earn by joining either Genesis or any other network, can do so by phoning us and booking a free profit planning meeting. We use published data from networks to give brokers a precise fix on how much net income they can expect to earn during the year ahead.”

Genesis believes that some brokers, who have left network membership until the last minute, are basing decisions purely on the headline membership charges published by networks and do not fully understand the impact that not comparing procuration fees could have on their


Lee says: “This is a classic case of decide in haste, repent at leisure. Our profit projection for a typical broker producing ten mortgage cases a month, a mix of prime, niche and sub-prime, shows that the difference in net income paid by different networks can be as much as £20,000

a year. Brokers should therefore check out costs very carefully before making any decisions.”


One-third of brokers are still undecided on regulatory path

Research with just under 12,000 mortgage professionals conducted by the network shows one-third are still undecided about whether to become appointed representatives, go directly authorised or become introducers. NGM&#39s survey was carried out last month by a third party call centre and is believed to be the largest exercise of its kind undertaken in the […]

Mortgage Choice to offer low application fees

The company has reviewed the application fees of comparable national distributors and lenders and will pitch its own fees at a level which will place Mortgage Choice as the lowest-cost option among similar products shown on the Trigold mortgage sourcing system. Doug Hall, sales director, says: “Under statutory regulation, the FSA&#39s requirements commit firms to […]

Who do these Banco Abbeys think they are kidding?

Una hipoteca para la vida. (That&#39s Spanish for &#39a mortgage for life&#39.) It makes my blood boil when I hear radio adverts for certain Banco Abbeys going on about what a hassle it is to remortgage. Their solution is to offer an uncompetitive rate for life. Of course, you could take one of their competitive […]

UCB unveils product enhancements

Even more borrowers will now benefit from UCB&#39s flexible features, including overpayments, underpayments, payment holidays and drawdowns. These features can help borrowers fit their mortgage around their lifestyle. For example, borrowers can overpay each month and redeem their mortgage early or even stop payments for a set period if they want to ease their financial […]

Identifying best-in-class UK stocks — Mark Martin, Neptune UK Opportunities Fund

FE Alpha Manager Mark Martin assumed management of the multi-cap UK Opportunities Fund at the beginning of February. As manager of the highly regarded UK Mid Cap Fund, Martin has begun restructuring the new portfolio to focus on our very best UK stock ideas from across the FTSE All-Share Index. In this video, update Martin addresses:

– Themes informing the UK Opportunities Fund
– The multi-cap structure of the fund
– UK equity valuations


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