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20 principle

Work out the 20% of products and activities that give you 80% of your profits. Then double or treble their revenues. Put little or no effort into the less profitable 80%. Eliminate loss-makers.

Do the same for customers — identify the 20% who give you 80% of your profits. Sell more to them and to people like them. Raise prices or reduce costs and effort on the other 80% of customers.

Make your business as simple as possible. Identify the simplest 20% and examine its profitability. If it makes 80% or more of your profits, focus exclusively on the simple 20% and cut out everything else.

Identify the 50% of your customers, products, components and suppliers that add the least to revenues and profits. Getting rid of the bottom 50% is a great way to reduce complexity. That enables you to focus on the 50% that matters at all, and the 20% that matters a great deal.

The 80/20 principle implies that the top 20% of your people are worth 16 times more per person than the bottom 80%. Identify the top 20% and see if this could be true for your business. If it is, make sure you keep the top 20% and find other recruits like them.

20% of your activities are likely to happen many times faster than the other 80%, and also be many times more profitable. What are the few things that happen much faster than most things? Check and see how profitable they are. If they are super-profitable, do more of them.

Extract from the 80/20 principle by Richard Koch – 80/20 insights for those running a business


GMAC-RFC completes non-conforming securitisation, valued at £500m

This is GMAC-RFC&#39s 16th transaction in the UK RMBS market, and total issuance since 1998 exceeds £8.3bn. This deal is backed by 100% non-conforming first lien residential mortgages. This transaction has been divided into six publicly funded tranches. The issued notes, which have been given long-term ratings by Standard & Poors, Moody&#39s Investors Service and […]

UK&#39s rich to break the 1m barrier

And it reveals that their liquid wealth is expected to register a total rise of 50% over the period. The number of high net worth individuals in the UK grew by over 100,000 in 2003, with the UK is currently home to almost 750,000 individuals with more than £200,000 in liquid assets.  Their combined wealth increased […]

On the beat

That is not to say that the need for non-conforming has not always existed, but the sector in its modern, organised form now commands around 15% of the market. Prior to the arrival of non-conforming lenders customers needing a mortgage but unable to borrow were forced to pay exorbitant rates. Not so now. There are […]

Infinity Mortgages reduces application fee

Infinet, which can be accessed from September 30 via Infinity Mortgages website, provides brokers with the ability to produce accurate Key Fact Informations, source products, submit an online application, track cases and proc fee payments and submit a decision in principle request. The system is available 24/7 and provides user-friendly navigation and functionality. Matt Gilmour, […]

The return of inflation

Alex Ralph, manager of the Artemis High Income Fund, sees further pressure on government bonds as inflationary pressures build on both sides of the Atlantic.


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