Would you get a mortgage online direct from a lender or speak to an adviser?

A mortgage price comparison website launched recently targets consumers who prefer to complete their mortgages online. Mform says that 10bn worth of mortgages will be taken out over the internet this year. This suggests that more people are choosing to take out mortgages before seeking advice.

So, this week Mortgage Strategy asks: Would you get a mortgage online direct from a lender or speak to an adviser?

Sebastian Wilkinson, 30, animator
The idea of electronically applying for a mortgage without getting advice first seems a bit silly. I would rather do some of the groundwork myself first, then speak to an adviser. Then I would consider going to a lender.

Adam Crocker, 24, post-production assistant
I would seek advice from a friend or someone who already has a mortgage. I wouldn’t necessarily go for professional advice. It seems expensive and with an online service where you can go direct to the lender, you don’t need to.

Steven Elia, 24, locksmith
I would get advice from a family member rather than go online or get advice from a financial adviser. To be honest I have not really thought about how I would set about getting a mortgage. I’m a first-time buyer and living in London it’s really hard to get on the property ladder.

John Whitty, 26, locksmith
I would probably go straight to the lender rather than through a financial adviser. It is already expensive enough trying to get on the property ladder without having to pay for extra advice that just adds to the expense of the process.

Sam Roberts, 29, sound engineer
I have just got a mortgage and I went direct to a lender that told me all the different types of mortgages it had available. I think an online service for getting a mortgage would suit a person who has perhaps already bought a couple of properties and is familiar with the process.

Leanne Woodhead, 24, receptionist
I would prefer to talk to an adviser first rather than go direct to a lender to get a mortgage. But I have not really thought about it and I am not planning to take out a mortgage any time soon.

Ruth Clements, 57, bank cashier
I think it is easier to compare mortgages online and I would prefer to go through the process on the web. Financial advisers are prone to recommending only certain financial products, not the whole of market. I think there is more choice online. If you do it yourself you don’t run the risk of letting an adviser sway your