Select Partnership joins forces with DB Mortgages

The Select Partnership is launching a shared exclusive product, limited to four packagers with DB Mortgages.

Select can now offer a 0.1% reduction off all DB’s two-year fixed rates across their entire range from Residential Light to Unlimited 2.

Dave Gould, business development director for The Select Partnership, says: “We have worked very closely with DB Mortgages since they launched in the spring. We were privileged to have had exclusivity at inception testing their products through our distribution and we now number DB as one of our most highly respected lenders.

“DB are completely revising their product criteria making their offering even more competitive, by ignoring all defaults, increasing CCJ limits and reducing the number of months before they can be ignored; even income multiples are increasing to 5 x main income.

“By extending this new facility to us we have reaffirmed a highly productive relationship which can only be beneficial to our introducers and their mortgage clients.”