SearchFlow support first trial HIP

Dickinson Dees has been involved in the first successful property transaction using a Home Information Pack in the government-backed trial.

The firm utilised searches from SearchFlow, an electronic conveyancing search service that provides a one-stop solution for sending and receiving property searches.

Dickinson Dees is the first law firm to launch its own HIP service. Its OwnersHIP package has been developed to support the first trial of HIPs, which is being rolled out in six cities throughout the UK.

John Cook, director at Dickinson Dees, says: We are pleased to be offering our clients an opportunity to sample the packs, ahead of their mandatory introduction in June next year and Dickinson Dees is excited to have been involved in the implementation of the first HIP on behalf of one of our clients.

The searches that formed part of the pack were provided by SearchFlow. In this instance we opted for the personal search option which ensured we received the search results in a matter of days. Speed and efficiency is always essential to our clients and this particular pack took only five days to put together in its entirety. We are thrilled with how well the process worked.

Mark Riddick, chief executive of SearchFlow, says: It is great news that the first HIP pack in the trials has been completed successfully and that SearchFlows personal searches were used to form part of this success. SearchFlow offer an official and personal search service, through PSA, which was used by Dickinson Dees in this instance, which ensures choice and supply in a market that may become congested in time.