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Rising property prices deter buy-to-let investors

Hampton’s October best buy mortgage tracker has revealed a percentage decrease in its buy-to-let mortgage business over the last month.

Hampton’s data shows that buy-to-let purchases decreased from 21.88% of all Hampton’s mortgage business in September 2006 to 18.03% in October, a fall of nearly 4%.

This reduction in buy-to-let purchases is in contrast to the healthy increase seen at the end of last month. However, as end of quarter incentives from property developers draw to a close, buy-to-let purchasers face increasing property prices and are finding it increasingly difficult to snap up a bargain.

Residential property purchases, on the other hand, saw an increase of nearly 6% as a pre-festive feel good factor swept the market and buyers, in anticipation of healthy city bonuses, purchased larger and more expensive properties.

Meanwhile, Hampton’s data also reports a rise of almost 5% in people opting for two- year variable rate mortgage deals. This increase comes at the same time longer term fixed deals have seen a 5% decrease. With the anticipation of base rate rises over the past few months lenders have already built these considerations into their fixed deals and effectively priced themselves out of the market to the benefit of shorter variable products.
Jonathan Cornell, technical director at Hamptons International Mortgages, says:

“With continually escalating house prices and the very real possibility of further increases to the Bank of England base rate, buyers are returning to the market to take advantage of low rate deals while they can. The promise of record City bonuses has also fuelled demand for properties.”

The developer deals that helped buy-to-let investors last month have now finished and property has become too expensive for a quick investment. However, with the Christmas City bonus and a guaranteed return of the developer sales at the end of the year, December’s tracker will be one to watch.”


Quicker underwriting in India

Cyber Highways is launching a service offering a quicker underwriting service for lenders by sub-contracting it out to India electronically.In the UK, underwriting can be a lengthy process, taking up to three months from offer to completion.Cyber Highways is trying to cut down this time by scanning the necessary forms and sending them to Pune, […]

72% Of brokers say there should be no age limit

Just 28% of Mortgage Strategy online readers think that lenders should impose a maximum age limit on mortgages. The overwhelming majority, at 72%, think it’s a bad idea. This week, Mortgage Strategy asks: “Do you think house prices will plummet in two years time?” Q: Should lenders impose a maximum age limit on mortgages?

Kent Reliance slams Concordia as a cartel

Kent Reliance has blasted Concordia as nothing more than a cartel and says it will be bad for consumers. Rob Procter, deputy chief executive of Kent Reliance, says this is terrible news for the consumer and should worry the Financial Services Authority. He says: “I think that this is terrible news for the consumer and […]

Housing frenzy continues

Capital Fortune indicated yesterday that the housing frenzy in Britain appears to continue with borrowers racking up an additional £10bn of borrowing last month compared to the previous month.This was echoed by the Bank of England when it announced that lending secured on dwellings rose by £9.808bn the highest since September 2003 when house prices […]


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