RICS calls for online energy service

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors is calling on the government to launch a web service that will enable home owners to be more energy efficient.

During last week’s Select Committee’s meeting on climate change, RICS approached the government about creating a service for consumers that will provide recommendations on energy efficiency.

RICS is also calling for improved building regulations, refinement of the planning system, rooftop solar panels and fiscal incentives for industry to provide energy efficient buildings.

Brian Berry, head of policy at RICS, says the government needs to be more assertive if it is serious about reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

He says: “Households are unaware of their carbon footprint. The government would be well advised to introduce a one-stop shop where consumers can see how they can reduce their carbon footprint, be more energy efficient and save money.

“Behavioural changes will be necessary if Britain is to reach its targets for reducing carbon dioxide emissions. But consumers can’t be expected to act alone, the government must shake off its complacency and help to educate the population on energy efficiency.”

David Hollingworth, mortgage specialist at London & Country says: “A one-stop shop on energy efficiency can’t do any harm as a point for educational information on how to be more energy efficient.

“The green issue is not going to go away and anything that helps boost public awareness has to be a positive thing.”

He adds: “Energy Performance Certificates in Home Information Packs will also heighten awareness so demand for this kind of information is likely to increase as home owners begin to take responsibility for their impact on the environment.”