Paaleads launches savings and investment leads

Lead distribution business has launched two new lead types savings and investment.

Advisers can now request leads for savers with a lump sum to invest, or those that will commit to save a regular amount for a defined term.

Investment customers will have indicated that they are looking to generate a greater return on their money over a period of five years or longer.

Vanessa Blount, head of, says: aims to be the first port of call for advisors looking to secure new business opportunities, and we are pleased to offer a market leading service with the addition of savings and investment lead types.

“Our success remains in the advisor having complete transparency in the lead, and being able to choose how much he pays for each lead type.

“With the incorporation of savings and investments, along with recently adding remortgage lead types at the request of the intermediaries themselves, we are continuing to adapt and grow the service we offer advisers.