Origo tool to boost firms’ security

Origo has launched the Unipass Control Centre tool to help firms improve their online security.

The service enables users to track the progress of their members’ applications and view certificate status details online, as well as helps manage company leavers and the removal of their certificates.

It can also be used to reissue lost or compromised certificates, and for approving, rejecting and changing applications.

Origo says providers, lenders and advisers have all agreed this will help improve security in the industry and prevent former employees from being able to access client details. It also says advisers who have tried the system have found its ease of use and tracking tracking of staff users beneficial.

Andy Reeves, helpdesk manager of Bates Millfield, says: “The most obvious advantage is that it provides lots of housekeeping information and helps us to keep things up-to-date.”