Newcastle announces deal with Shepshed

Through its subsidiary, Newton Facilities Management, the Newcastle has agreed to provide Shepshed with fully-managed computer systems, including information security which is compliant with industry standards.

Maintaining and updating core systems without assistance to the required level of security and service standards is becoming difficult for small and medium-sized building societies. Although NFML is now in an ideal position to provide this assistance and has developed a number of mutually beneficial partnerships.

Kriya Patel, IT manager for Third Party Services at NFML, says: “An IT vacancy came up just as we signed the agreement with Shepshed, and fortuitously its own IT Manager, Stewart Hayles, fitted the bill perfectly, so we hired him. It was literally a case of one day he was managing Shepshed’s IT Technical aspects as one of their staff and the next day he was doing it as one of our staff.

“Stewart is still based in Shepshed and working full time for NFML looking after core computer systems for Shepshed, Melton Mowbray and Stafford Railway building societies.”

Shepshed says: “I wasn’t entirely sure what the outsourcing agreement would mean for me, but it really has worked out as a win-win situation. I still manage the technical requirements for Shepshed, and due to the success of NFML I have fresh opportunities to develop my own knowledge and skills.”