Mortgages PLC offers promotions kit to brokers

Mortgages PLC is to launch a free suite of fully compliant adverts and promotional material available to all mortgage intermediaries in the new rear.

This facility will form part of a sales and marketing resource kit, which will be produced both as a printed manual and as a downloadable document from the lender’s website.

The manual will be supplemented by a wealth of free fully compliant marketing materials including adverts, direct mail, press releases, leaflets and posters, all of which can be personalised by intermediaries to reflect their own corporate identity.

Julian Wells, head of marketing at Mortgages PLC, says: “The Financial Services Authority’s announcement that it has told more than 200 mortgage brokers to withdraw or amend misleading advertising, highlights just how important it is that intermediaries have access to this type of material quickly.

“Intermediaries have clearly struggled with the advertising and promotions rules and one way to overcome any future problems is to use fully compliant, pre-checked adverts which are freely available to all.”

Mortgages PLC already has a guide to advertising in a regulated market, which provides an explanation of the financial promotions rules as well as hints, tips and worked examples.

Wells adds: “The danger is that intermediaries stop advertising for fear of getting it wrong.

“Advertising and promotions are an important part of any intermediaries marketing activities and it is therefore better that they get them right, rather than bring their advertising campaigns to a halt.

“Mortgages PLC will be providing intermediaries with the most comprehensive marketing support resources available in the market.”