Me and my car

While abroad I had to rely on public transport but as soon as I got back I bought the Golf SE, my first diesel. It\'s powerful and economical but sadly not vandal-proof, says Steve Wright

When I moved back to the UK from Germany last year one of my first priorities was to get back behind the wheel of a car. I have been a keen driver since I first passed my test and had a stream of cars until my move to Germany.

While I was there I relied solely on public transport for the first time in my life. I have to say that it was not such a bad experience, as it was efficient and easy. But in my eyes nothing beats the independence of being behind the wheel.

I had done some research on the car I wanted while I was in Germany and soon found the perfect match for me – a Volkswagen Golf SE. My car is black with leather seats and all the extras.

When test driving it, the power of the Golf took me by surprise. This led to some concerns about what the insurance would cost but luckily the last points on my licence had dropped off while I was abroad.

I’d never thought seriously about owning a diesel car before but when test driving the Golf I couldn’t get over its power and how well it handled – better than some of my previous petrol cars, not to mention with slightly better fuel consumption.

But most importantly and appropriately, the Golf’s boot was big enough to store my golf clubs.

I took delivery of my Golf soon after the test drive and was delighted to be back behind the wheel. Little did I know what a terrible fate awaited us.

Two days after I took delivery of the car, as I left my house to join hundreds of other commuters in the daily traffic jam on the way to work I saw that vandals had taken a sharp object and put a deep and large scratch across the the bonnet which showed up clearly against the black metallic paintwork.

I managed to keep my cool and resolved to get it fixed. Luckily I had ordered a great stereo system, so I turned the volume up to 11 and headed straight for the Volkswagen garage.