BDM of the week

Julia Harmer is friendly, knowledgeable and always willing to lend a helping hand. She brings great biscuits and gets the thumbs-up from Personal Touch\'s Michelle Harriss

Name: Julia Harmer

Age: 44

company: Mortgages PLC

Area: South

NOMINATED BY: Michelle Harriss, marketing and communications manager, Personal Touch Packaging

reasons for nomination: Julia always delivers what she promises. She understands our business and gives us every support. She certainly knows her products and will always help out with difficult cases. If she is unable to pick up the phone when we call she always calls us back as soon as possible.

She comes into the office to see us on a regular basis. It is normally hectic, with everyone having plenty to do. I’m sure one day she will even get the phone or make the tea. She takes the time to speak to everyone from the managing director to the admin department, and is liked by all. The biscuits and sweets she brings in are always welcome too.

Someone looking to do the job of a BDM would do well to model themselves on her.

bdm says: I’m obviously thrilled to be nominated but as the saying goes, it takes two to tango. The team at Personal Touch Packaging are a delight to work with. It isn’t simply about the warm welcome I always receive, it’s also about the way they are willing to work together to achieve results for both companies. What more could I ask for in a client?

And the results speak for themselves – business volumes are rising for both firms. Thank you for the vote, Personal Touch – you get my vote too.

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