A&L’s procedures do not treat my clients fairly

From Rick Gifford

I recently placed a buy-to-let application with Alliance & Leicester. It proved to be a pain since the buy-to-let applications can only be placed on paper, not online.

Unfortunately, I had an old version of A&L’s application on the system and when the application was received it requested the correct form. I apologised and sent the correct form.

In the meantime the vendor of the property was looking for a valuation to be carried out. A&L does not take cheques so card details were given for the valuation. At this stage there were no rumblings of discontent from A&L. I called and chased the valuation and on my clients say so gave authority for the valuation to commence.

Seven days after receiving the corrected application the case was presented to an underwriter and declined because of defaults. Why on earth wasn’t a credit check done when the application was received – even on the wrong application there was sufficient detail for the check to be carried out.

But here is the best bit, my client paid for a valuation but A&L will not provide a copy because they requested it. What right does A&L have not to let my client see the application?

A&L advises me that this is its procedure but that does not make it right. Where else do you pay for a service upfront and have nothing to show for it? A&L and any other lender that operates in this way should change their procedure. This is not treating customers fairly.

Rick Gifford
By email