The mortgage mole

Get-out clause Many words no doubt spring to the minds of brokers when describing the Financial Services Authority, but flexible is probably not one of them.

So Mole was surprised to hear William Amos, head of retail enforcement at the FSA, laud the regulator’s flexibility at its Financial Crime Conference last week.

After announcing the second change in 24 hours to be made to the conference programme, Amos quipped he was merely demonstrating the FSA’s flexibility.

But Mole wonders if the last-minute schedule change was an attempt by the regulator to give Amos time to escape the seminar theatre after the FSA’s latest round of broker bashing.

ami banned The Association of Mortgage Intermediaries’ views of the mortgage market have been labelled many things over the years, but its outspoken ways have now led to its website being classed under the category of ’philosophy and political advocacy’ and banned by the powers that be at Mortgage Strategy.

They obviously feel the AMI website is inappropriate viewing.

Mole will keep his eye firmly on AMI director Robert Sinclair over the coming weeks to see if he is indeed planning to launch a new religion or stage a coup.

But Mole suspects the industry guru would face an uphill struggle gaining a mass following for a philosophy based on the Mortgage Market Review.

Rally round Mike Johnson, a mortgage adviser from Epping, has recruited friends to take part in the Street Safari End 2 End rally. Team Shining Wits will be driving their banger from Land’s End in Cornwall to John O’Groats in Scotland to raise money for Macmillan Cancer. To sponsor Mike, who was diagnosed with cancer last year, please visit