Privatised quangos create a right mess of conflicting rules

Reading the comment thread on the Mortgage Strategy Online story ’Lenders should not justify why they decline cases, says FSA’ I found myself agreeing with everything that was said.

But over-regulation has left us with a tangled mess of conflicting rules. My concern is that the Information Commissioner’s Office always seems to be on the opposing side in that all the rules are stacked in another party’s favour instead of with the person it was supposed to protect.

When anything goes wrong or mistakes are made by large institutions they hide behind the Data Protection Act.

I have had the same problem with Criminal Records Bureau checks. All these quangos and regulators don’t know each other’s rules because they have been privatised to such an extent that they have been turned into money-making practices.

It’s not too dissimilar to the National Health Service or railways a right mess.

Lee Jones