One way through the lead generation minefield

From Nat Daniels

I am writing in response to the issues raised by Robert Clifford in last week&#39s magazine regarding lead generation, Alice in Wonderland-style.

The question is, should advisers buy leads or do a revenue share? A hot lead is too expensive a gamble yet does the adviser have enough incentive to do business on a revenue share? If he has paid for a lead he will value it more.

But I think we have found the solution. We deal in homebuyer leads through our website, This enables a buyer to register their details with estate agents in every town saving him money and visits to estate agents. As a result he is open to the other services we offer.

We then pass the client&#39s details to a local financial adviser – we have 100 advisers across the country but always have capacity for more.

We have already sent a mortgage questionnaire on behalf of the adviser before =the adviser calls. As we are talking film titles, the estate agent plays the lead role in our blockbuster – The Invisible Man.

Our lead generation negates the need to split commission with the referring estate agent as there isn&#39t one. And what does the adviser get? Volume leads. Typically the adviser signs up for 20 leads a per week at £2.50 each. This represents value for money as all these people are house hunting and the adviser has their details at the start of the process. At 20 leads per week it means the adviser can quickly build up a database of potential prospects for mortgages. As we offer the adviser the ability to earn revenue from conveyancing, the leads are effectively free. There is a definite demand in the marketplace for lead generation, but only at the right price. With 70% of homebuyers going to the web first to research the next house purchase, advisers are now switching on to the fact that it is this market where they need to be channelling any advertising budget they have.

Nat Daniels

Managing director

Estate Angels

By email