Insurance discount helps quality builders

Builders approved under the government Quality Mark will in future enjoy a 20% discount on liability insurance premiums.

Insurance costs for all construction firms employing staff have risen sharply in recent years due to factors including the post-September 11 effect and a poor accident record. The industry has made repeated calls for the government to take action and come to the aid of firms paying high premiums.

The discount is available through the Quality Mark provider QANW.

Construction minister Brian Wilson says: “The cost of public and employers&#39 liability insurance is one of the major complaints within the industry, so I am particularly pleased to be able to announce this new benefit which will be exclusive to Quality Mark scheme members.

“They will be able to access a liability package offering up to 20% off premiums, provided through one of our Quality Mark providers, QANW. The premium reduction will, of course, offer a significant opportunity to offset any entry costs associated with Quality Mark at any time in the future, and reflects the confidence insurers have in the scheme.”