Indulging the unqualified is not fair on the rest

From John Holmes

First of all, congratulations on an informative and relevant publication – it is a great help Now to the main point. Given that everybody in the industry has known since forever about the examination requirements and the need to qualify by December 31, is it possible to elicit from the Mortgage Code Compliance Board just how long those who did not qualify will be allowed to continue giving advice in a supervised environment?

Is this to be an open-ended arrangement, meaning that the day of reckoning for these people can be postponed indefinitely? If so, then this situation is unfair on the 51,000 who studied, paid their fees and met the examination requirements.

Whilst I would rather not argue the pros and cons of qualification by examination to the exclusion of everything else, if a rule is introduced it must be enforced if the industry is not to be yet again on the wrong end of ill-informed, often sensationalist adverse press comment.

John Holmes


Assured Finance Partnership