Don&#39t feel sorry for yourself

From Bob Stark

I take exception to being classified as being in my dotage, Rod Williams, (Mortgage Strategy January 20).

I took CeMAP and passed first time at age 65 and three years later I am in my prime. It&#39s about time you young sprogs got to grips with reality. It&#39s no harder to pass in later life than it is for a youngster. Just look at the number of OAPs studying through Open University and getting credits in subjects that are new to them, not in something they should be able to do without thinking. Stress – don&#39t make me laugh.

Anyone with 30 years&#39 experience who can&#39t pass MAQ or CeMAP first time should be ashamed. They have more experience than half the mortgage advisers working in estate agents have had life.

I took the FPC long before it became obligatory because I could see it coming. I took CeMAP before it became obligatory because I could see it coming.

If you want to stay in this business, stop feeling sorry for yourselves and start taking exams. They are not going to go away. If not a mandatory AFPC in each discipline, then something even more arduous will appear. Better qualifications normally lead to improved business levels, but lack of them may put you out of business.

Bob Stark

By email