Charcol online and call centre teams head north

Charcol Online and the Charcol call centre are relocating from London&#39s West End to Bingley, West Yorkshire, writes Helen McCormick.

Siobhan Hotten, head of retail public relations as Bradford & Bingley, says: “A lease expired on one of our London properties. As a result we have decided that the call centre and the Charcol online mortgage processing team will relocate to Bingley – where all our other B&B operations are based. Charcol is consulting the 83 staff affected to see if they want to relocate and if not, we will try and redeploy them in the group. Some have already expressed interest in relocating.”

The lease expires at the end of April and the move will be staggered to ensure the departments operate as normal.

Hotten adds: “It&#39s business as usual, calls and processing will be handled in exactly the same way. Relocation will be phased, as there is quite a bit of knowledge transfer required.”