BMS offers advice on healthy homes

Homeowners should take advantage of this week&#39s cold weather to give their home a winter MOT, says BM Solutions.

Matthew Grayson, a spokesman for BM Solutions, says: “Every homeowner has a list of odd jobs which need doing around the house and the recent cold weather is likely to have added yet more to the list. If you didn&#39t do it before winter set in, now is a good time to take stock of how the cold weather affects your home.”

The lender has drawn up a list of tips for homeowners. First up, advice to take a good look around exterior walls – damaged bricks, mortar and render can let water in.

Homeowners should also give their roof the once over before small problems escalate into a major and expensive repair job. The check should include guttering to avoid water damage.

BM Solutions estimates that well-lagged pipes can save homeowners around £200 a year on fuel bills.

Grayson adds: “It is worth taking the trouble to ensure your home can brace itself against the elements. A cold snap often reminds homeowners of some of the jobs that may need doing around the house. Put it right now and it will be a sound investment for many winters to come.”