Some party

But it\'s not all doom and gloom. Mole was pleased to hear that Alan Cleary, managing director of Exact, and Ian Lonergan, chief executive officer of Exact, partied in style to celebrate their own 40th birthdays.

The pair hired a red bus for themselves and 40 others on a truly bonkers evening. Starting at 6pm in their offices, the maitre’d for the evening was a midget dressed as an Umpa Lumpa.

Along the way they picked up Elvis who serenaded the group all evening and then visited a number of venues. Such was the confusion at one pub, what with Elvis and the Umpa Lumpa, one guest puckered up to what he thought was a 65 year old woman, only to discover it was a 65 year old man.

“It was a surreal evening – everyone was saying it was the best night in ages,” Cleary told Mole. “Considering everyone has been on a downer over the last year it was good to let our hair down.”