Guardian Financial Group launches Legal Issues

The Guardian Financial Group has launched Legal Issues, a free online legal service offering brokers access to a select panel of lawyers.

Brokers can go through a series of questions to help filter their client’s needs, and then get directed to a suitably qualified solicitor.

When an enquiry is submitted the system selects a solicitor within close proximity to the clients home or business address with the relevant expertise to advise.

The full application is delivered to the solicitor within by email. The solicitor receives this enquiry and under the Legal Issues service level agreement will contact the client during normal working hours and within 24 hours from the enquiry.

Mike Hibbert, managing director at Legal Issues, says: “This offering will give brokers the opportunity to revisit their clients and provide them with a professional ancillary service during these testing times.

“The most important factor is the ‘filtering’ process as it is vital to ensure that the information collated from the outset is accurate, clear, concise and presented in an understandable format.

“This will lead to brokers being able to offer their clients a specialist local solicitor from a trusted panel. With clients’ personal circumstances potentially changing on a daily basis, this could be a real opportunity for new business and referrals alike.”