AMI woos small firms to board

The Association of Mortgage Intermediaries is issuing a rallying call to small brokerages, encouraging them to stand for election to its board.

The annual AMI elections will take place around June and the trade association is concerned that not enough small broker firms will be forthcoming.

Paul Fielding, principal at Cambria Mortgage Services, is the only broker representing small firms on the board.

Robert Sinclair, director of AMI says: “The election process will begin soon and there is an opportunity for those in the small member constituency to stand.

“We’re aware that some small brokers are under significant pressure in the current marketplace and we want someone with a passion to represent the interests of smaller independent brokers.”

He says it wants brokers to stand up for the rights of smaller firms and take on what are often perceived to be the vested interests of larger networks.

A small firm must consist of between one to five mortgage advisers and to stand for election brokers will need to be directly authorised and be nominated by another small firm.

AMI has not set the date for when nominations will open but it is expected to be around May.

Simon Conn, sales and marketing director at Conti Financial Services, used to sit alongside Fielding representing small firms until he left Conti in January.