Which? responds to green cash machines

Which? has responded to todays announcement by Nationwide Building Society and HBOS to introduce green signs on their cash machines to signal they are free.

Laurence Baxter, senior policy adviser at Which? says: “We are very pleased that Nationwide and HBOS have adopted and supported Which?’s idea of instantly recognisable green and red labels to help consumers immediately tell the cash machines that charge from those that don’t.”

Which? first propsed the idea of red and green labels on all cash machines during the Treasury Select Committee inquiry into cash machines charges hearing December 21 2004.

Its proposal was adopted as a key recommendation to the TSC report on March 15 2005.

Baxter adds: “Although this is a significant step forward, we still have a long way to go to ensure that consumers have free access to their own money.

“Consumers need to know that many cash machines are free to use and having a simple, easily understandable ‘price tag’ on all cash machines in the UK is the only way to ensure this.

” We look forward to working with these two organisations and LINK to ensure this happens.”