We will correct inaccuracies in our training materials

From Tony Tudor

In response to John Rattigan’s letter (Mortgage Strategy September 12), we’d like to thank both him and MS for highlighting these matters. We appreciate that inaccurate references are frustrating in the context of materials to be used to update manuals. While such materials are issued to holders of manuals at no charge, customers have the right to expect them to be as accurate as possible.

We apologise unequivocally for the inconvenience the type of errors Rattigan highlighted have caused those receiving recent additional study materials. We are taking immediate steps to ensure we issue fresh versions, which address the points made. The relatively small number of customers who have received the inaccurate materials will be contacted individually with an apology for any inconvenience caused and the correct version at no cost.

Although we take a wide range of measures to ensure the accuracy of our range of study aids for our regulatory qualifications, and involve a number of industry experts and trainers in checking, unfortunately from time to time errors slip through.

In respect of the item in the specimen paper that Rattigan mentioned, we agree the wording is less clear than it should be. The item will be revised to avoid this. Again, we will issue a revised version to anyone who has received the current version.

With CeMAP, Advanced CeMAP and the Certificate in Lifetime Mortgages all in our portfolio, we are the leading provider of mortgage advice education. We are not complacent about this and strive to maintain the highest standards possible. We believe in providing comprehensive materials from which people can extract as much information as they need without difficulty. We are continuously engaged in open dialogue with customers and welcome all feedback. Where complaints are made, we aim to address them as quickly as possible. We also operate a helpline for technical queries whether these relate to materials we issue or arise from the need to clarify points relevant to studies and practice.

If anybody is concerned about their CeMAP learning materials, contact the ifs Customer and Student Services team on 01227 818609.