The Mortgage Mole

‘Allo, goodbye

It seems Mark Bergin, former sales and marketing director at The Mortgage Business, has long been dreaming about his move to Deutsche Bank. As Mole’s pic from this year’s TMB calendar shows, Bergin was more than happy to dress up in German army uniform in the July photo shoot. Bergin, far left, is pictured with other members of the TMB team recreating a classic scene from BBC comedy ‘Allo ‘Allo. What his new employers think about this is anyone’s guess. They’re still declining to comment on the poaching of TMB’s top four.

“I think Mark must have had a premonition,” Mole’s man on the inside revealed. “The links with Germany obviously reach much further than anyone suspected.”

blooming joke

And so to the Black Country – home to many of the great and good of the mortgage industry and also the Pink Home Loans Service Awards, in association with yours truly.

The Botanical Gardens in Brum might seem an unlikely venue but Mole was treated to a night of almost unrivalled fun, second only to a night on the lash with Alan Titchmarsh. Who wasn’t there. Comic genius Fred MacAulay was, however, and Mole was soon reminded why he’s been off our screens for some time now.

west way

Howelling with laughter at the aforementioned event was one Mark Howell, soon to be heading west to Bristol. Pink’s erstwhile marketing manager was on top form at the bash and regular readers will know Mark is a fine Bristol connoisseur.

“Pink’s just not going to be the same without him,” sales director Dev Malle piped up to Mole. “But at least the man’s laughing – all the way to the bank!”

sinking feeling

Banking to one side was Birmingham’s one and only (thank God) karaoke barge which Mole and cohorts commandeered for the evening before the Pink Awards for a supposed night of frivolity. Belting out the beats was Birmingham Midshires’ marketing whiz Sue Clarke, along with Emily and Elaine from the marketing team. One notable, and perhaps wise, absentee was new sales boss Martin Reynolds.

“I got stuck in traffic,” he confessed the next day. Likely story.