Please give us more thoughtful and independent articles MS

Every week I open your publication and read articles from the same people proclaiming ‘look how clever and important I am’. Usually these articles are incorrect or contain news any decent broker will already know.

Each week we see another piece by one of the usual suspects telling us exclusives such as ‘Brokers should learn about lifetime mortgages’ and ‘SIPPs post-A-Day will lead to a huge increase in buy-to-let enquiries’. Just two of the bombshells dropped on us by leading industry figures.

The reality is that a perceived need to be in print, quoted somewhere, to comment on news and generally keep the modern PR machine oiled has instilled the belief that unless your face is constantly in the trade press you are not doing well. This is not true – some of the best brokers keep a low profile and ensure that the only people who hear about them are clients and lenders.

I like your staff writers. Their pieces have a bit of science in them and are useful but as for the guest columnists, I don’t think I’m alone in saying – who cares what they think?

If leading industry figures want to provide an insight into how they have succeeded in business, what ideas they have for the future etc I might be interested in reading what they have to say but to read for the millionth time what the managing director of the So And So mortgage firm thinks house prices will do or what industry figure Blah Blah felt about the Monetary Policy Committee decision this month is dull, particularly when there are usually plugs for their own firms in there.

Brokers should broke and journalists should write. My firm understands the importance of a good brand and intelligent PR but we focus our efforts on letting the general public – our clients – know how clever we are. We do not bore our competitors in the misguided belief that this is helping our business go forward.

In short, Mortgage Strategy, write more yourselves. Thoughtful, independent and relevant articles are what we want. And keep the ads to the back where it’s easy to flick past them.